Our Purpose

JETsport, #1 platform for all sporting activities

JETsport is a platform that brings like-minded people together to share fun, sporting activities. It has been designed to be the perfect connector between attendees and organisers: efficient and flexible. In this sense, JETsport has not only created a new social platform, but also a fabulous tool for anyone to initiate their own activity, whether it is a professional class or a casual sport gathering.

Thanks to this principle, a wide variety of activities has since grown on the platform, from individual training to team sports, ticketed or free, casual or professional.

Our Story

I am a sport lover, and I always wanted to share my passion with others. But I sometimes found it difficult to fit in a social & active lifestyle. In 2016, I initiated a sport community on my social media page so I could bring people together to get fit and have fun. It quickly took off and made me realise how people are looking for more and more social interactions around sport. JETsport was born. I believe that the way people exercise can be reinvented in a more flexible and social way. I designed the platform so it can fit with everyone’s needs and encourage a happier and healthier lifestyle for all.

Nicolas D’anna - Founder of JETsport

Now You Can


Yoga, team sport, boxing, fitness, there are activities for every taste!
Instantly join the daily events.
Explode or be involved in your favourite exercises.


Open to everyone, every level, and non judgmental - these are our core values. Meet new people and develop new relationships in a healthy environment.


Everyone is welcome to create activities on our platform! Set up your own event, whether you are an enthusiast or a professional organiser, and connect with thousands of JETers.

So Far, So Good

JETsport has connected +200,000 people with the support of +50 partners and together we have shared +2,500 fun, social physical activities.




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